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Globehead is a quiz designed to teach you the location of every nation in the world, and the capital of each of those nations. You pick one nation at a time, and will then be quizzed about it. The more times you get a question right, the longer it will be before you get asked about it again. This approach is called ‘spaced repetition’.

The idea is that by spending a few minutes every day, you will soon be able to easily visualise the location of all of the world’s nations. If you select one new nation a day, you will have been exposed to the entire globe in about 8 months, and will only need to review for a few minutes per day. If you want to learn faster, you can select as many nations in a day as you like. Be careful, though. Too many, and you might feel overwhelmed.

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Tip: Questions that ask you to type in the answers are forgiving. Don't worry about capitalisation or slight spelling mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How dare you suggest that [my/their] nation [is/is not] [independent of/dependant of/disputed by/controlled by/the ancestral home of] [my/their] [nation/people]!

This quiz attempts to reflect the current physical reality of the world. If a population inhabits a region and has control over the institutions and infrastructure of that region, it’s hard to argue that it doesn’t belong to them. Where there are realistic ongoing disputes about who controls what, I’ve tried to accept both answers as correct. None of the questions on this quiz are in any way designed to assert a political opinion. That being said, if I’m missing something obvious, please let me know at matthew.williams987@gmail.com.

Why have you represented spread out archipelagos as single dots?

Many island nations are made up of shreds of land so small that zooming in and selecting them is unwieldy. The dot represents the rough location of the capital city/island. If I’ve messed one up, please let me know.

What spaced repetition algorithm are you using?

I use a very basic algorithm that increases the spacing on questions by a pre-determined amount that depends on the number of times you have been able to answer correctly in a row. The jury is out on whether the precise spacing between repetitions has a significant effect on recall. If there are gains to be made by using an advanced algorithm, they are not massive gains.

Why do you call them nations instead of countries or states?

The terms ‘state’ and ‘country’ suggest some specific criteria that not all of the regions presented in this quiz meet. For the most part, the regions presented here are sovereign states, but some are not. The ones that aren’t were selected because they were especially big or were substantially seperate (geographically or otherwise) from their parent states. The definition of a nation really only requires that a region contains a stable community of people that share cultural elements, and I believe every region in this quiz qualifies.

Why the name Globehead?

In the flat-earther community, ‘globehead’ is a term used to refer to believers in a spherical earth. As the purpose of this site is to cement a basic knowledge of the entire globe in to your head, the name seemed appropriate.